The FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation

FFFF is leading the charge to restore civil liberties and return the nation to sanity. Our goal is to see those responsible for what we have experienced over the last several years held to account. In pursuit of these efforts, we are documenting the cases of victims and recording the testimony of whistleblowers, offering support and creative outlet to victims, survivors, and their families, facilitating legal referrals whenever possible, and raising awareness. 


Amnesty and Leniency Program

The Amnesty and Leniency Program is endorsed by victims and survivors of COVID-related crimes against humanity, who recognize that the malicious and powerful forces most responsible for their suffering and loss are not the ones who harmed them directly. In an effort to incentivize whistleblowers to come forward, these victims are willing to grant those who abused them or their loved ones the possibility of amnesty and leniency. Should those who have committed COVID crimes against humanity be brave enough to step forward and go on the record with their account, these victims will offer them grace.

Humanity Restoration Panel

The Humanity Restoration Panel will oversee the Amnesty and Leniency Program to review the accounts of medical professionals who relied on government-incentivized treatment protocols, to the detriment of their patients.

Health care providers may, upon the granting of a recommendation by the HRP, seek to avoid criminal prosecution for violations of criminal law in the administering of drugs, vaccines and gene therapies without the informed consent of human patients by confessing his or her role in such illegal or improper activities, fully cooperating with Enforcement Agencies, and meeting other specified conditions.

This would include violations of all state, federal and international laws under the Nuremberg Code, Helsinki Protocols and others.  

Grant Fraud Inquiry

Our Grant Fraud Inquiry is pivoting to focus on how PREP and CARES Acts and other COVID-related legislation were weaponized to facilitate crimes against humanity. We are scouring filings to determine how these programs were crafted and abused to facilitate egregious harm and trying to find a way through the liability protections that have been built in to shield all participants from responsibility for their actions during the COVID crisis.

COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project

The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project is building a living archive of COVID-related crimes against humanity. Helping survivors turn agony into action, we have created a Citizens Task Force led by victims and survivors who push through their personal pain to interview other victims and document their stories.  

With over 600 published cases and hundreds more victims waiting to be interviewed, we have established a shocking pattern in hospitals across the US. Almost uniformly, we hear the same story over and over again: discriminated against due to their vaccination status, victims were refused treatment and administered deadly experimental protocols. Starved of food and deprived of water for days in anticipation of being ventilated, victims were isolated from their loved ones, and tortured. Some victims even report being ventilated as a method of “behavior control,” accused of being “combative” by hospital staff. 

Patients and their families were relentlessly pressured to sign DNRs, and sometimes hospital staff went over their heads and put in an order for DNR despite the expressed wishes of the victim. With a DNR in place, victims were administered deadly combinations of heavy sedatives, ventilated, given remdesivir, and, in many cases, killed.

With some variation, we have heard this story hundreds of times, and we suspect there are hundreds of thousands more whose families have not even realized that their loved one may have been mistreated. The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project seeks to raise awareness and promises to ensure that these stories will not be forgotten.


We The People 50

“We the People 50—Recall the Shots” is motivated by concerns over the COVID-19 genetic vaccines. Pioneered by notable figures such as Dr. Janci Lindsay, the campaign contends that these vaccines have caused significant harm, citing numerous deaths, disabilities, and contamination concerns. The objective is to utilize States’ Consumer Product Protection Statutes to recall these vaccines from the market, contending that oversight bodies like the CDC and FDA have been negligent in their duties. These vaccines are neither safe nor effective, and we are very concerned about their potential long-term impact on human genetics and reproduction. 

Halt Hospital Homicide Rallies

Powered by the FormerFedsGroup Freedom Foundation, the “Halt Hospital Homicide” rally series aims to be an annual event, taking place in select cities across the U.S., all with a shared mission to honor the victims of the COVID hospital protocols and stop them from being used to inflict further harms on unsuspecting patients and their families. These rallies are more than just gatherings; they’re a movement – a united front against the harsh realities of inhumane COVID policies and protocols. Each event is a platform for voices that need to be heard, stories that need to be told, and a call to action to bring accountability for COVID-related crimes against humanity. Regardless of where we meet, our message remains the same: it’s time for change, and it’s time for justice. Join us at our upcoming rallies and be part of the driving force that’s making history. Together, we remember. Together, we rally. Together, we reform.